Joy Rising,
This time last year I received a beautiful wig from Josif and Joy Rising Project. I was so lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful wig especially since my wedding was coming up. Last month, I got to have my dream wedding and got to get my hair done like every other bride, thanks to you guys. It was perfect and no one would have known it was a wig. I thought I’d share some photos of the hair. I couldn’t have done it with out you.
— Amanda

Cancer affects all of us. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year and this horrible disease has touched most everyone.  The treatment of cancer leaves those who undergo it weak, tired, and nauseous. At Joy Rising our goal is to provide some comfort to cancer patients by granting a means to look (and ultimately feel) like “themselves” again.

Joy Rising, Inc. is an eager, “grassroots,” registered Non-Profit Charity, and every contribution is greatly appreciated.  In return for your tax-deductible donation (and with your consent), Joy Rising will display your company’s name/logo on our event signage, invitations, and any other printed materials. We will also provide a link to your company’s website (on our Donors Page).  You may also request more information on how you can help.  We will be holding raffles and any in-kind (non-monetary) donations are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you on behalf of everyone here at Joy Rising and everyone you help “feel like themselves again” with your generous contributions.