Doing good is our passion.

Joy Rising is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to providing relief to those who are undergoing chemotherapy (or other diseases, treatments, etc. resulting in hair loss) a realistic, natural looking hair system.



What we do

Our goal is to help individuals experiencing hair-loss live their everyday lives without unnecessary anxiety due to their appearance.


Why we're here

Going to the grocery store, attending your child’s recital, or celebrating a loved one’s special event are rarely times when one wishes to be asked about their illness. That's why we're here to help.

How we help

By providing patients with custom styled “wigs,” who on their cancer journey can focus on healing and share the details of their treatment privately.

The Start of Joy Rising Project


In 2006 Joda Joy Wunderlich was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her stylist, Josif Wittnik of Salon CTI, knew how hard it would be for her to lose her trademark strawberry blonde hair. He immediately leapt into action and was able to provide her with a realistic hair system (wig) that was undetectable. Joda was able to focus on her treatment privately, without the worry of being asked about her illness by strangers and casual acquaintances.


Josif Wittnik

Josif Wittnik

Joda Joy Wunderlich

Joda Joy Wunderlich


After Joda went into remission she and Josif would often talk about how the hair system had helped her through the toughest time in her young life. Insurance companies rarely cover the cost of wigs for cancer patients, deeming them “cosmetic;” however anyone who has gone through chemotherapy knows they are anything but. Realistic and comfortable wigs are very expensive. Josif and Joda dreamed of finding a way to provide other cancer patients the same gift—to look and feel like themselves again.

Joy Rising was born!